ProfitShopper Review + Bonuses

Today, I’m revealing my ProfitShopper review. ProfitShopper is the world’s only software that taps into Shein’s affiliate program. This system exploits a loophole to get you easy commissions without needing any traffic or doing any selling yourself.

ProfitShopper Launch Date: 2024

ProfitShopper : The Pros & Cons


  • Software taps into Shein, the largest fast-fashion retailer
  • Shein pays out $38K/minute to affiliates
  • Guaranteed payments for sending Shein traffic
  • 1,421 members already earning with this
  • Over $980K paid out so far
  • Build automated niche stores with 1 click
  • 20% commissions per sale, way more than Amazon
  • AI tech builds the stores and drives traffic
  • 100% newbie friendly, extremely easy to use
  • Income starts fast, within 9 minutes of setup
  • No monthly fees or hidden costs
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Launch price will increase soon 
  • Results will vary based on effort
  • Still some minimal effort required
  • Dependent on 3rd party affiliate program

About the Creators of ProfitShopper

About the Creators of ProfitShopper

ProfitShopper was created by Radu Hahaianu, Mike Mckay, and Calin Ioan – a team of marketing experts and software developers who have made millions online.

The founders noticed a huge opportunity with Shein’s booming growth and affiliate program. They realized no one had tapped into it yet with automated software.

So, they assembled a world-class team to build the first and only Shein affiliate automation software.

After extensive testing and optimization, ProfitShopper was born. It automates the entire process of building affiliate sites and generating commissions.

ProfitShopper Review

ProfitShopper Review

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn passive income online. However, finding a high-paying affiliate program with little competition can be challenging.

That’s why ProfitShopper caught my attention. It’s a software that automates affiliate commissions from Shein’s lucrative program. 

For those unfamiliar, Shein is the largest fast-fashion ecommerce retailer globally. They generate over $15 billion in annual revenue. Their affiliate program pays out a very generous 20% commission rate on sales.

The problem is that building affiliate sites manually is complex and time-consuming. You need design skills, writing skills, and marketing knowledge.

ProfitShopper eliminates all of that by fully automating the affiliate site-building process. Now, anyone can tap into Shein’s thriving affiliate opportunity.

Here’s how it works:

  • ProfitShopper is a cloud-based software that builds automated niche stores for you. You simply choose a profitable niche, and their AI tech builds the rest.
  • It automatically creates entire affiliate sites targeting your niche. The sites are populated with relevant products from Shein’s massive catalog of over 5 million products.
  • The software also handles generating free traffic to your new sites from search, social, and more. When sales come in, you collect affiliate commissions passively.

You can easily set up unlimited affiliate sites in any niche with just a few clicks. The software handles all the heavy lifting.

There’s no need to manually create products, write content, or do any repetitive work that typical affiliate sites require. ProfitShopper builds the sites for you, drives free traffic, and scales your income over time – all on autopilot.

The software also lets you stack on additional affiliate offers beyond Shein. So you can build multiple income streams from each site. For anyone looking to get into affiliate marketing, I can’t think of an easier way to get started than ProfitShopper.

It takes advantage of Shein’s massive growth and generous commissions to provide hands-off affiliate income for anyone. Considering Shein’s astronomical growth, their affiliate program will only get more lucrative over time.

What Do I Get With ProfitShopper

What Do i Get With ProfitShopper

ProfitShopper is the ultimate all-in-one software for automating Shein affiliate commissions. Here’s everything you get when you secure your access today:

✅ Cloud-Based Software – No downloads or installations needed. ProfitShopper is web-based, so you can access it from any device.

✅ Automated Store Builder – The AI builder creates optimized affiliate stores for you in any niche with just a few clicks.

✅ 5+ Million Product Catalog – Your stores get populated automatically with Shein’s massive product selection.

✅ Traffic Engine – ProfitShopper drives free, targeted traffic from multiple sources to your affiliate stores.

✅ Commission Tracker – Tracks all your Shein affiliate commissions and sales in one easy dashboard.

✅ Additional Income Streams – Add other affiliate offers or monetization to your sites for stacked income.

✅ Beginner Friendly – No technical skills or prior experience needed to use ProfitShopper and profit.

✅ 24/7 Customer Support – Get help from real humans whenever you need it through email and chat.

✅ Cloud Hosting – All your affiliate stores created with ProfitShopper are hosted on our fast, secure cloud network.

✅ Unlimited Use – Create as many automated affiliate stores as you want with zero added costs.

With ProfitShopper, anyone can join Shein’s booming affiliate program and start earning commissions from one of the world’s fastest-growing retailers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Profitshopper

What is ProfitShopper?

ProfitShopper is software that automates the creation of affiliate marketing sites and earning commissions from Shein’s affiliate program. It handles all the technical work, like building sites, driving traffic, and tracking sales.

How does ProfitShopper work?

You simply choose a profitable niche, and ProfitShopper will create a targeted affiliate website for you that is automatically populated with Shein products. The software drives free traffic to the site, and you collect affiliate commissions for any sales generated.

What does ProfitShopper automate?

ProfitShopper automates niche research, website building, product listings, traffic generation, and commission tracking. It handles all the complex parts of affiliate marketing so you can earn passively.

Do I need any technical skills to use ProfitShopper?

No technical skills are required. ProfitShopper is designed to be user-friendly for beginners with no prior experience needed.

How fast can I make money with ProfitShopper?

Many users start seeing affiliate commissions within days of setting up their sites. Income then grows week over week as traffic and rankings increase.

Can ProfitShopper work for any niche or product?

ProfitShopper is optimized for Shein affiliate sites. But you can promote any affiliate offer or monetization method alongside your Shein stores.

What about traffic? Do I have to drive it myself?

No, ProfitShopper has built-in traffic generation from multiple free sources like search and social. The software handles driving targeted people to your sites.

ProfitShopper Pricing & Guarantee

For a limited time, you can get access to ProfitShopper for just a one-time payment of $12.90.

Considering the earning potential with Shein commissions, this is an incredible value. But they also understand that you want assurance that ProfitShopper will work for you.

That’s why they’re offering our Double Your Money Back Guarantee: If for any reason ProfitShopper doesn’t work well, they’ll give you $100 out of our own pockets!

You have zero risk in trying ProfitShopper today and finally tapping into this lucrative opportunity.

ProfitShopper Bonuses

When you get ProfitShopper today, you’ll also get:

  • You can tap into Shein, the LARGEST “fast fashion” retailer globally, right now. Their massive size means huge earning potential.
  • Shein pays out an astonishing $38,000 every single minute to affiliates. Their program is clearly lucrative.
  • ProfitShopper positions you perfectly to help Shein “nuke” Amazon. This opportunity won’t last forever!
  • Already, over 1,400 members are earning with ProfitShopper. Proof the system works.
  • Over $980,000 in commissions have already been paid out. Imagine your share of that!
  • ProfitShopper is the first and only software for building Shein affiliate sites. You’ll have an edge over others.
  • You can target ANY niche and collect 20% commissions on sales. Lots of earning flexibility.
  • Just push a button to have ProfitShopper build your affiliate business for you. Fully automated!
  • The software uses AI to create optimized, low-competition affiliate sites. Higher margins.
  • You can earn passively without needing to drive traffic or do manual work. Extremely hands-off.
  • Designed for total beginners. No experience is required to profit.
  • Can start seeing commissions within minutes. Rapid returns.
  • No monthly fees ever. One affordable payment for unlimited access.
  • Double your tiny investment back guarantee. You’re fully protected.

These additional benefits make ProfitShopper a very compelling offer, with multiple income streams and proven results. It’s clear why it’s so popular!

Exclusive Bonus for Profitshopper

For a Limited Time, Get ProfitShopper for just $12.90 and Receive a FREE Copy of “Affiliate Marketing Mastery – How to Build a Six Figure Online Business”

ProfitShopper is an effortless way to generate passive Shein affiliate commissions. This software automates everything so you can earn daily paydays without any manual work.

Why struggle to profit with affiliate marketing when ProfitShopper can do it all for you?

Now is the perfect time to secure your access for only $12.90 during this limited promo. 

As a bonus, you’ll also get the digital ebook “Affiliate Marketing Mastery” FREE when you invest in ProfitShopper today.

In this exclusive bonus guide, you’ll discover the passive income blueprint behind affiliate marketing and how regular people just like you are building financial freedom.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • The step-by-step process to start your own affiliate business from scratch
  • How to pick winning affiliate programs that convert like crazy
  • Secret tactics the top 1% of affiliates use to drive massive traffic and sales
  • The common mistakes that sabotage earnings and how to avoid them
  • Examples of affiliate sites earning over $100k/year

Affiliate marketing lets you be your own boss, work when you want, and scale earnings infinitely. This guide shows you how.

Combine it with ProfitShopper’s foolproof automation, and you have a complete system for realizing your potential in affiliate marketing.

Don’t miss this chance to automate your Shein commissions AND get a free ebook on building a six-figure online business!

This special EXCLUSIVE bonus is only available through this exclusive offer on this page.

Click below now to get started with ProfitShopper and your FREE bonus!

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