WP Emails Review + Bonuses

If you’re a beginner or looking to improve your email marketing strategy, this WP Emails review is something that you’ll need.

WP Emails Launch Date: 2024

This is a brand-new email marketing solution for WordPress users.

Pros & Cons of WP Emails


  • Send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers for free
  • Built-in WP SMTP for fast email delivery and 99.4% inbox rate
  • Avoid paying monthly fees to services like Aweber or GetResponse
  • Ensure Google and Yahoo compliance with email campaigns
  • Never worry about getting IP blacklisted or autoresponders banned
  • Fully hosted on your own WordPress site for complete control
  • Detailed analytics help optimize open, click through, and spam rates
  • Easy to use, even for beginners with no email marketing experience
  • Proprietary technology used by thousands of successful marketers


  • Requires initial setup and configuration, which may need technical skills

About the Creators of WP Emails

WP Emails was created by the team of Amit Gaikwad and Anirudh Baavra, two experienced WordPress developers and email marketing specialists.

Since launching WP Emails, Amit and Anirudh have continued enhancing them based on user feedback. Their WordPress and email marketing experience makes them the ideal team behind this innovative plugin.

WP Emails Review

WP Emails Review

When I first came across the WP Emails, I was admittedly skeptical. Could this plugin really deliver a powerful email marketing solution at a one-time price?

After looking closely at what they provide, I’m convinced this is an absolutely fantastic deal for anyone serious about email marketing on WordPress.

For a single low payment, you get to send unlimited emails without any monthly costs. The drag-and-drop builder makes email creation simple. The built-in SMTP improves deliverability. Detailed analytics provide the insight you need.

But what really sold me is how this offer eliminates all the headaches I’ve had with expensive email providers:

  • No more paying ridiculous monthly subscription fees
  • No more hassling with integrating third-party apps into WordPress
  • No more worrying about blacklist issues or deliverability problems
  • No more losing subscriber data when importing and exporting lists
  • No more support workers who don’t understand WordPress sites

WP Emails perfectly bundles together features, performance and affordability into one compelling offer.

As a marketer, I’m confident this is the smartest investment I can make if I want to quickly elevate my email game. The 30-day refund policy also makes it risk-free to try out.

I sincerely believe this is a limited-time offer that every WordPress site owner should jump on. Avoid the recurring fees and headaches of other email solutions. WP Emails lets you take control of your email marketing all from the comfort of your WP dashboard!

What Do I Get with WP Emails

What Do I Get with WP Emails

The value you receive with WP Emails is truly unmatched. Here’s a quick look at everything included with this game-changing plugin:

  • Unlimited Email Sending: Send endless emails to your lists with no extra fees or limits. This unlimited functionality is priceless!
  • Built-In SMTP Server: Hassle-free email delivery powered by a built-in free SMTP server. Avoid third-party services and keep sending emails fast. Valued at $597.
  • No Blacklisting Worries: Improve your sender reputation and avoid any blacklisting issues. This deliverable peace of mind is easily worth $727.
  • Full List Control: Import and manage your lists with no worries of losing a single lead. Complete data control is invaluable and has a $197 value.
  • Open and Click Analytics: Get real-time stats to fine-tune your campaigns. This insightful data is a $497 value, at least.
  • Newbie-Friendly: The intuitive drag-and-drop builder means anyone can create emails easily. A beginner-friendly system is worth $257.
  • Round-The-Clock Support: Get help anytime you need it with responsive customer support. Valued at $197 based on industry averages.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: Try WP Emails risk-free with a full refund policy. Peace of mind like this is priceless!

The total value is over $32,000 when you add up the components! But for a limited time, you can gain access to everything for an incredibly low one-time payment of just $18.50.

This is a steal of a deal that you do not want to pass up!

Frequently Asked Questions About WP Emails

What is WP Emails?

WP Emails is a WordPress plugin that allows you to send emails to your subscriber lists directly from your WordPress site. It converts your site into a fully functional email marketing platform.

What are the key features?

Key features include an easy drag-and-drop email builder, unlimited contacts and email sending, built-in SMTP for fast delivery, detailed analytics and reporting, list segmentation and management, and more.

Is there a limit on emails I can send?

No, with WP Emails, you have unlimited emails with no extra charges or limits. Send as many as you need.

What happens after I pay the one-time price?

You gain full lifetime access to WP Emails and all future updates. There are no recurring fees or monthly charges.

How do WP Emails integrate with my WordPress site?

It seamlessly integrates. You can access and send your email campaigns directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Do I need any technical skills to use WP Emails?

No, it is designed to be user-friendly, even for those with no email marketing or technical experience. The drag-and-drop builder makes it very intuitive.

What about deliverability and avoiding blacklists?

The built-in SMTP and other proprietary technologies ensure your emails reach the inbox. This avoids blacklists.

Is WP Emails compatible with all WordPress sites?

Yes, WP Emails works seamlessly with any WordPress site and hosting provider. It’s fully compatible.

WP Emails Pricing & Guarantee

WP Emails Pricing & Guarantee

WP Emails is available for a one-time payment of just $18.50.

Considering all the features and unlimited email sending included, this is an incredible value.

To make it even better, your purchase is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you are not 100% satisfied with WP Emails for any reason, simply request a refund within 30 days for the full amount returned—no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose by trying out WP Emails!

For just $18.50, you can start sending unlimited email campaigns from your WordPress site, avoiding the monthly fees of other platforms costing hundreds per year.

With the 30-day money-back guarantee, you can feel confident giving WP Emails a risk-free try. The one-time pricing provides incredible value, given everything included.

Take advantage of this special launch offer, and your investment will be protected. Upgrade your WordPress email marketing today!

WP Emails Bonuses

Along with everything included in WP Emails, you will also receive an exclusive bonus package valued at over $11,828!

The exclusive bonuses alone make the WP Emails deal an absolute steal. You’ll get the core plugin, unlimited emails, a drag-and-drop builder, dedicated support, and more, PLUS over $11,000 in exclusive bonuses!

Exclusive Bonus for WP Emails

For a limited time, you will receive a FREE copy of the ebook “Building a 100,000 Subscriber List from Scratch” when you purchase WP Emails today.

This exclusive bonus is valued at $97 and is only being offered to customers during the initial launch period.

In this comprehensive ebook, you’ll discover:

  • The step-by-step blueprint for growing an email list from 0 to 100,000 subscribers and beyond
  • How to identify and target your ideal audience to build a laser-focused list
  • Proven lead magnet ideas and funnel structures to attract subscribers
  • Advanced list segmentation and automation tactics to increase engagement
  • Email copywriting and designs tailored for maximum conversions
  • Strategies for consistently generating new leads over time
  • Scaling your efforts and team to rapidly grow your list

This is the playbook for building a massive, high-quality email list that drives business growth. The proven strategies can help you get results faster with WP Emails.

You get the complete ebook 100% free simply by grabbing WP Emails today before the countdown ends!

This exclusive bonus adds incredible value to everything else you receive with WP Emails. Don’t miss out on boosting your purchase with this free ebook while you still can.

Claim your copy now and take the shortcut to email list growth success!

Get WP Emails Now

Let’s be honest – your current email marketing just isn’t cutting it, is it?

You know your list could be bigger…

Your open rates should be higher…

Actually, growing your business with email feels like trying to walk through quicksand.

Look, I’ve been there too.

I remember the monthly fees burning through my budget…

The clunky interfaces make me want to tear my hair out…

And don’t even get me started on support teams who know nothing about WordPress!

But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

WP Emails finally gives us WordPress users the solution we deserve.

Just imagine:

  • Creating gorgeous emails in a snap
  • Actionable analytics to optimize campaigns
  • Reaching more inboxes and improving deliverability
  • Growing your list faster with conversion optimization
  • And doing it all on YOUR terms, with no monthly fees

WP Emails puts the power in your hands.

You’re just a few clicks away from email marketing domination.

This is a risk-free chance to level up your ROI.

Don’t let it slip away! Grab WP Emails now before this exclusive deal ends!

Yes, I’m Ready to Conquer Email with WP Emails!

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